Night Guard

Wear: Wear your night guard each night, failure to do so may result in broken or fractured teeth, irreversible wear on teeth, movement of the teeth, or jaw pain.

Discoloration: Over time your night guard will yellow or stain dark. This is a natural and normal and does not affect the fit or function of your night guard.

Follow Up: After a few days of wear or from time to time after long term use adjustments to the fit and bite might need to be done in our office. Only allow Dr. Satula to adjust your night guard, while you might think minor adjustments or sore spots can be done with tools you use at home this may cause irreversible damage to the night guard resulting in having to have a new one made at your expense. If you feel you need an adjustment, please call our office.

Care: Taking proper care of your night guard is the best way to ensure its longevity.

  • After taking the appliance out in the morning, brush it with a toothbrush using only water, mouthwash, or dish soap to clean it.
  • Do not use toothpaste to clean the appliance since it is abrasive and can scratch
    the appliance.
  • Each night rinse your night guard under cool water or with mouthwash before placing it in your mouth.
  • About once a week, soak the night guard for a few hours in denture cleaner to remove any tartar deposits that could build up on the appliance. Brush the appliance well after soaking. The amount of time the appliance is soaking is not critical.
  • The appliance should never be placed in hot water.
  • Always bring your nightguard to your cleaning appointments so that we can properly clean it and evaluate the fit and bite.

Storage: The appliance needs to be in one of two places, either in my mouth or in the case

  • WARNING: If you have pets, be sure to ALWAYS keep your night guard in a safe place and away from where your pet can find the appliance since many pets, especially dogs, like to use the night guard as a chew toy.

Models: We send you home with the models we took of your mouth. If your night guard breaks or you are in need of a new one, and major work has not been completed in your mouth since receiving your night guard, bring your models in so we can have a new one made. This will avoid having to get new impressions

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